Dubbelbinding throw in ochre, lichen, grey and burnt umber


Drawing its inspiration from Swedish mid century rugs woven by the great women weavers of that period, this is a stunning piece of workmanship with echoes of ancient Greek pottery, African textiles, and Egyptian wall art. This is a unique one-off heirloom quality handwoven lambswool throw. The stunning pattern is formed by alternating bands of different coloured twill stripes with bands of twill damask and dubbelbinding.

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Dubbelbinding is a double-faced (and therefore double thickness) textile which has a twill base. Its also a useful weave if you want to crate an integrated cloth with a different colour on each side.

Its different from a doubleweave cloth as the threads that form the two faces constantly interlock to form a stable and integrated cloth. By contrast in doubleweave you will find two distinct layers which are only conjoined when the design blocks exchange their layers, or faces.

This fantastic old weave was also much loved for the additional warmth it provided by creating a thicker cloth.

For this design I have alternated bands of twill stripes with bands of twill damask and dubbelbinding. As the two different colour blocks need two shuttles to carry the different colours, it is a very slow weave as one changes shuttles after each throw for the dubbelbinding sections.

The Dubbelbinding throw is woven in the softest of lambswool, like all my throws. Afterwards I cut the cloth from the loom, bind the ends, and scour and full the cloth by to get the handle of the fabric just right. The scouring and fulling is all done manually too and it can take about an hour to get the soft and luxurious  handle to the cloth that I like and want my customers to experience. Once I am satisfied I hang it out to dry, then carefully steam press it and hand sew its label in place.

For this throw I also chose to give it a hand stitched hemmed edge rather than my usual fringed or blanket stitched edging it, so that it can also be hung on a pole.

This is heirloom weaving, tactile, sumptuous, precious, warm and luxurious. It is the result of many years working with lambswool, getting to know what it is capable of, and constantly working to improve upon the feel of the cloth I produce.

As a one-off piece, this design is utterly unique and will not be repeated so if you like and purchase this throw it will be the only one of its kind.

I do plan to weave one or two more of these throws but they will all be unique pieces, woven in different colourways. As with all my work, if you would like to commission a throw to work with your own interior colour scheme please contact me via the form on my contact page.

Size: 212 cm long by 112 cm wide.


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