‘Moroccan Tiles’

‘Moroccan Tiles’

The colourful tessellated designs of Moroccan tiles is the inspiration behind these jewel bright handwoven lambswool throws.

'Moroccan Tiles' design in green
‘Moroccan Tiles’ design in green

A beautiful addition to a bed or sofa and equally cheery as a picnic blanket with its bright summer colours. The silver grey version offers a muted and delicate shadow of the same design for those who prefer a delicate colour palette.

'Moroccan Tiles' design in silver grey
‘Moroccan Tiles’ design in silver grey


The contrast between the two sides comes from the way the pattern has been interpreted as a 3-shaft reversing twill. The pattern is reversed on the other side.

'Moroccan Tiles' design in sapphire blue
‘Moroccan Tiles’ design in sapphire blue


As with the other throws in this range the twill weave gives these blankets a wonderfully soft drape.

'Moroccan Tiles' design lambswool throw in kilim pink
‘Moroccan Tiles’ design lambswool throw in kilim pink


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