‘Coverlet’ takes its name from the beautiful 18th century American blankets which inspired this design. These strongly geometric block drafts can be traced back to early European designs which can be found in many old German weaving books.

Soft blue handwoven lambswool throw in my 'Coverlet' design
Soft blue handwoven lambswool throw in my ‘Coverlet’ design


Antique American coverlets can be found woven in many of the old traditional European weave structures from ‘Summer and Winter’ to Overshot and Doubleweave. Each area would favour a different weave structure which reflected the origins of the people who settled there.

Dark apple handwoven 'Coverlet' throw
Dark apple handwoven ‘Coverlet’ throw


The strong contrast between the two sides in this design comes from the damask or 3-shaft reversing twill weave. The colour and pattern is a reversed image on the other side.

'Coverlet' handwoven throw in lichen grey
‘Coverlet’ handwoven throw in lichen grey


As with the other throws in this range the twill weave gives these blankets a wonderfully soft drape.

Available in a soft blue, yellow ochre, dark apple and a subtle lichen grey (rather like the colour of ancient mossy lichens and antique unbleached linen textiles).

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