• Samphire on Trevose Head
    Samphire on Trevose Head
    (c) 2017 Madeleine Jude Ltd
  • Close up of the Elvan Throw
    Close up of the Elvan Throw
  • Rock formation at Trevose Head
    Rock formation at Trevose Head
    (c) 2017 Madeleine Jude Ltd
  • Shell midden near to Trevose Head
    Shell midden near to Trevose Head
    (c) 2017 Madeleine Jude Ltd
  • Elvan Throw
    Elvan Throw
  • Rock pools near Trevose Head
    Rock pools near Trevose Head
    (c) 2017 Madeleine Jude Ltd


The grey ‘Elvan’ throw is one of four limited edition throws in my Trevose Head Collection. They have been designed and handwoven by me, as part of my project to raise money to support the work of the National Trust in protecting and caring for the rich and diverse wildlife of the headland.

£50 from the sale of each throw will go directly to support the Trust’s work at Trevose Head, preserving this place through careful habitat management, and maintaining and improving footpaths and access for everyone.

The pattern and colours in these throws are inspired by my own very special memories of Trevose Head, having spent my childhood summers at Parsons Hut – a supposed smugglers hut – which sits perched on the cliffs above Booby’s Bay and nestled against the headland.

Elvan is a mid grey throw which takes its name from the old Cornish word for greenstone. A highly prized form of greenstone, Blue Elvan, is found on Trevose Head.

The rippled and undulating pattern is a reminder of the deep folds of greenstone and ancient Devonian slate that form the headland. It speaks to all those who love its rocks and caves, the blowhole and the blustery, battered and barren promontory – Dinas Head – at its tip.

It represents the small islands that stand offshore – The Bull which stands immediately off Dinas Head, and The Quies (or Cow and Calves) further out to sea.

The grey of the Elvan throw also hints at what lies hidden just below the verdant surface – Bronze and Iron Age cists and burial mounds, stone axes, gold torques and flint arrowheads.

And grey is represented too in the grey seals that can be seen basking on the rocks; and the rare and uncommon birds – the skylarks, corn buntings, peregrines, and fulmars that hunt, nest, feed and take sanctuary in the cliffs and the maritime heath and grassland.

The neutral grey ‘Elvan’ throw is therefore perfect for geologists, archaeologists and ornithologists alike, and all who appreciate the more subtle beauty and hidden treasures to be found on Trevose Head.

About the Trevose Head Collection

My aim is to weave and sell 100 of these throws in order to raise £5,000 – the cost of caring for the entire coastal path around Trevose Head for one year.

There are four colours to choose from in a design that evokes the constant movement and shape shifting of the windswept and sea battered headland, the beauty of the surrounding coast, the pleasure of the surrounding sandy beaches, and the unique geology of the rock and the prehistoric remains that lie beneath the surface.

I am working in collaboration with the South West Regional National Trust and the throws are currently available to purchase here on my website but will shortly be stocked in the National Trust shops at Carnewas at Bedruthan Steps and Boscastle.

I have arranged with the South West Regional National Trust to pay my donations directly to them on a periodic basis. You can see how my campaign is going by visiting my Just Giving page at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/madeleine-jude

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