Handmade UK – Exhibition – at “Weave Festival – Denmark 2018” – 9 to 10 June, West Zealand, DK

Handmade UK – Exhibition – at “Weave Festival – Denmark 2018” – 9 to 10 June, West Zealand, DK

I shall be travelling to Denmark again this summer to take part in an exhibition of work – Handmade UK – by three British weavers, as part of the Weaving Festival – Denmark 2018 in West Zealand.

Scottish tapestry weaver, Joan Baxter, will be exhibiting some of her work, Devon Weavers Workshop member, Colleen Pope, will be showing a selection of her handwoven rugs, and I will be taking some of my exhibition pieces and my new collection of lambswool throws and cushions (currently being developed).

The exhibition will be just one of the many things to see at this year’s festival which takes place at a number of locations in and around Jyderup, including the beautiful Kattrup Gods (see my article Time spent with the The Weavers of West Zealand).

Some highlights include:


Handmade UK – Joan Baxter, Madeleine Jude and Colleen Pope, three British weavers

at Lerchehuset, Jyderup.

Jugend 2018 – weaves inspired by Art Nouveau style

at The Weaver’s House, Kattrup Gods.

Scandinavian ice cream

an exhibition at Jyderup Town Hall which includes image weaving, and the woven runners and carpets of ten Nordic weavers, including Birgitta Hallberg, Sweden, Ulrikka Mokdad, Denmark, Hólmfríður Bjartmarsdóttir, Iceland, and others.


– yarn windings on frames focusing on colors, materials and composition, at Café Habibi, Jyderup.

Wild Weaving

– an exhibition of the work of 12 young students from Jyderup Højskole, at Lerchehuset, Jyderup.


Image weaving with Scottish weaver Joan Baxter.

Sunday, June 10th – Tuesday, June 12th, 9:30 to 16:00.
Lerchehuset, Jyderup

Mini-course on wrap tests and folding works with Danish weaver and designer Astrid Skibsted Holm

Saturday at 3-4pm / Sunday. 12-1pm
Cafe Habibi, Jyderup

Weave demonstration of Damask and Beiderwand on an 8-shaft loom with split contramarch system

Saturday 9 June at 4-5pm and Sunday 10th June at 11-12 am
In the weaving workshop of the Weaver’s House, Kattrup Gods,

Other Events

The marketplace

At the Weaving Festival’s marketplace at Kattrup Gods will be: an Indian silk market with inspiring silk man Dilip Barouha, a large wool market presented by Danish and Baltic yarn dealers and in the artisan market, members of Weaving in West Zealand will sell their own products.


At the festival’s music scene at Kattrup Gods, the association Friends of the Vision presents Nordic troubadours and performers: Birger Aasland and Anne Aalbu from Norway, Four Beard from Sweden and from Denmark Iben Hasselbalch, Jørgen Bendixen, Leon Hegelund and Erik Lund-Nielsen, Helle Juul
and Dorte Birch.

Michael Graubæk and his band will play on Saturday evening for the Spillemandsbal at Jyderup Højskole.

Food, drink and accomodation

Weave Festival 2018 has its own café at Kattrup Gods, where you can buy lunch, cake and coffee.

The area offers many accommodations and hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts are easy to find See: www.visitvestsjælland.dk


Ticket prices: 1 day DKK 150 / Both days DKK 300 and can be purchased at the festival or at www.billetto.dk/Vævernes Hus.
The tickets give access to all activities and offers, both at The Weaver’s House at Kattrup Gods and the various venues in Jyderup, except for the mini-courses which cost DKK 100 and DKK 750.


Free shuttle between Jyderup Station and Kattrup Gods (5 km)
There are good train connections between Copenhagen and Jyderup (120 km from Malmö and 1 hour drive from Zealand’s Odde.

If you are interested…

If you are based in the UK and would like to go to the Weaving Festival – Denmark 2018, and need some more advice on how to travel please do get in touch with me via my contact page.

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The Weavers House, Kattrup Gods, West Zealand, Denmark
The Weavers House, Kattrup Gods, West Zealand, Denmark

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