This is the throw I am most proud of and its not like anything I have done before.It is so beautiful that I have made it so that it can also be hung as a wall hanging when not being used. Its just too too beautiful to hide away.

I have been working for some time on a way to combine an old Scandinavian weave called Dubbelbinding with my twill damask block weave to give me the opportunity to use two colour blocks in my designs.

Dubbelbinding throw

Dubbelbinding is a double-faced textile and can provide a way to create a cloth with a different colour on each side. I have used it to do this and also to create two different colour blocks together in the same design.

This fantastic old weave was also much loved for the additional warmth it provided.

Its different from a doubleweave cloth as the threads interlock to form one cloth. In doubleweave you will always have pockets in the two layers, which typically are conjoined when the blocks exchange layers.

Dubbelbinding throw in shades of ochre, lichen and burnt umber

The Dubbelbinding throw is woven in the softest of lambswool, like my other throws. It is a very slow weave as I change shuttles after every throw when weaving the dubbelbinding sections. Afterwards I scour and full the cloth by hand to get the handle of the fabric just right. I work hard at this too and it can take almost an hour to get it just right before I spread it out to dry.

For this throw I have chosen to create a hemmed edge rather than fringe or blanket stitch it, so that it could also be hung as a wall hanging when not in use.

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