Classic squares

Classic squares

My Classic Square design is inspired by the highly symmetrical designs found in traditional Welsh blankets. The geometry of these designs comes from the mirroring in four directions of simple arrangements of blocks.

Handwoven lambswool throw in my 'Classic Squares' design
Handwoven lambswool throw in my ‘Classic Squares’ design


Welsh blankets, or Welsh tapestry blankets were woven in doubleweave – a double layered plain or flat weave cloth – which gave them their strongly contrasting two faces of the cloth but without the drape of a twill weave. 

Ochre lambswool 'Classic Squares' throw
Ochre lambswool ‘Classic Squares’ throw


Because my throws are woven in a damask weave, the strong contrast between the two sides in this design is preserved but comes from the way that a 3-shaft reversing twill also creates the opposite colourway on its reverse side.

Close-up of the'Classic Squares' design
Close-up of the ‘Classic Squares’ design

Even better still, the twill weave also gives these blankets a wonderfully soft and cuddly drape.

A stack of throws in the 'Classic Squares' design
A stack of throws in the ‘Classic Squares’ design


The ‘Classic Squares’ design comes in my handwoven lambswool throws and cushions in soft grey, soft blue, and ochre colourway. They can, however, be woven to other colourways as a custom order.

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