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Handmade UK – Exhibition – at “Weave Festival – Denmark 2018” – 9 to 10 June, West Zealand, DK

I shall be travelling to Denmark again this summer to take part in an exhibition of work – Handmade UK – by three British weavers, as part of the Weaving Festival – Denmark 2018 in West Zealand. Scottish tapestry weaver, Joan Baxter, will be exhibiting some of her work, Devon Weavers Workshop member, Colleen Pope, will be showing a selection of…

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Monksbelt or munkabälte is one of the oldest of patterned European textiles and is thought to have originated in Malmöhus County in Sweden – now part of Skåne in the very southernmost tip of Sweden. Whether you can say it is a Swedish textile or not is debatable though, Malmöhus County having for many centuries formed part of Denmark. One…

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