Handwoven Blanket Shawl – Hardanger Diamonds in blue and lichen


NEW FOR AUTUMN 2017 – a really beautiful open and lacy handwoven lambswool shawl or half blanket to bring a deep sense of comfort in the cooler times of the year.

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Handwoven Blanket Shawl – Hardanger Diamonds in blue and lichen

These beautiful blanket shawls are designed and handwoven by me using a delicate and open weave structure which I have been working on this year. It reminds me of the Norwegian drawn threadwork technique known as Hardangar, hence the name.

As a small child I was taught to do this type of whitework embroidery and when I decided it would be lovely to design and weave something delicate and light I thought of this. The beauty of this weave is that I can create a textile inspired by these beautiful traditional motifs without resorting to cutting threads.

The large shawl is roughly square and works either folded and worn as a shawl or thrown across the knees as a half blanket, or lap blanket.

Hardanger Diamonds features a complex diamond motif in the main pattern of the shawl and a cross motif in the border.

These shawls are woven slowly and carefully to maintain an open fabric. And lovely details have gone into the making of them. I have hem stitched the ends by hand whilst on the loom using the same yarn which creates the fringe. These are cut once off the loom and then each one is gently washed by hand to open up and full the yarn and give it that delicate lace work look in a cloth with lots of strength.

The yarn is a beautifully soft 100% lambswool, dyed, blended and spun in Scotland to give a complex but subtle heathered yarn.

Dimensions: approximately 110cm x 110 cm (43” x 43”)

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