Penn Trenfos – from the Trevose Head Collection


Penn Trenfos is one of four limited edition lambswool throws – in a verdant green – which I have designed and handwoven to support the National Trust campaign to raise £250,000 for conservation and maintenance of Trevose Head in Cornwall. I shall be donating £50 from the proceeds of each throw that is sold to this fund. My aim is to weave 100 throws – and raise £5,000 – sufficient to fund the upkeep of the entire footpath around the headland of this very precious heritage site for one year. I hope you will support this pledge by buying one of these throws.

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Penn Trenfos is the Cornish name for the headland  and means a walled homestead on a headland, so the verdant green Trevose Head throw represents the headland itself and all that makes it a place of special scientific interest, an area of outstanding natural beauty and a heritage site.

It is the perfect gift, memento or keepsake for lovers of the wild and rugged Trevose Head itself, the ramblers and walkers, bird watchers, plant lovers, and explorers. Something to remind you of wonderful times spent in the Padstow and Trevose Head area when it’s cold and winter dark.

Again the undulating pattern echoes the undulations in the grass formed by the strong Atlantic wind. It represents the plants – the rare, the edible, and the pretty – to be found in the maritime heath and grassland, and the coastal cliffs and dune grasslands.

Among the rare are the Frosted Orache and Portland Spurge, the Shore Dock and Wild Asparagus.

But tucked into this green carpet are also a host of other colourful flowering plants beloved of adults, children, bees and butterflies. Amongst them are the sea thrift, heathers, Pyramidal Orchids, Sea Bindweed and Rock Sea-Lavender, the Dyer’s Greenweed Sea Campion, the happy-go-lucky Oxeye Daisies and the very edible Samphire.

And by buying one of these throws not only will you possess one of these highly collectible handwoven lambswool throws but I will be donating £50 from the sale to the National Trust’s Trevose Head Campaign – enough to repair and maintain 25 metres of footpath around Trevose Head.

I have arranged with the South West Regional National Trust to pay my donations directly to them on a periodic basis. You can see how my campaign is going by visiting my Just Giving page at:

Find out more about the Trevose Head project or the inspiration behind the Elvan throw.

Product dimension

Because each throw has been handwoven and individually washed and fulled product dimensions will naturally vary slightly.

Approximate dimensions are: 195 cm long x 110 cm wide


100% pure lambswool, dyed and spun in Scotland

Care instructions

These throws can be machine washed in a modern machine with a very trustworthy wool cycle using a specialist wool detergent. They can also be hand washed. However, due to wool’s natural tendency to felt when subjected to water, agitation and heat, there will be a small amount of shrinkage and felting even when hand washed. Therefore, much as I would prefer you to use more environmentally friendly methods of cleaning, it would probably be more prudent to have your throw professionally dry cleaned.

Having said which, if your throw simply needs freshening up then giving it a thorough shake and hanging it outside on a fine day will do just that. If you have got something stuck to your throw – it can happen to anyone if you like to snuggle up under your throw eating snacks – then just let it dry and you will easily be able to pick or brush it off.

Just remember, your throw once sat on a lamb’s back before being shorn and packed off to the spinners. A good shower of rain and a shake kept it clean then and unless you spill something that stains – like coffee, tea or red wine – on it, then the same treatment will work wo

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